Hobbs' furniture is made using choice domestic and imported hardwoods joined with hand-cut dovetails, mortise-and-tenon joints, and other traditional methods. All surfaces are finished with hand tools, whether hand planes, scrapers, or rasps.

Hobbs has taught scores of students at all levels in his school that opened in 1996. Ben teaches his students the tried and tested methods which he has learned and developed over his career. The project-based courses focus on traditional joinery and hand tool use.

Ben Hobbs has been building period reproduction furniture for nearly 30 years. After teaching high school math for 10 years, Ben's passion for early American furniture and architecture drew him into the shop in 1982. Since then, Ben has operated as a bespoke custom furniture maker reproducing fine early American pieces, focusing on Southern and local NC examples. After training all three of his sons to be accomplished furniture makers, Ben opened his shop doors in 1996 to train students in his woodworking school.

Ben's work and/or school has been featured in Fine Woodworking, Southern Living, Woodshop News, Woodworkers' Journal, The Virginian Pilot, Coast Watch Magazine, Kansas City Woodworkers' Guild, and OurState Magazine.

In 2011 the Society of American Period Furniture Makers awarded Ben Hobbs with the Cartouche Award in recognition of his high standards of craftsmanship and his efforts in teaching others the trade and sharing the craft with the public.